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进入2008年以来,受国际金融危机、国际国内应用巿场萎缩、出口退税率降低、行业内的无序竞争激烈以及房地产市场新建宅总量的萎缩等多方面因素的影响,塑料门窗市场需求趋缓,将由前些年逐年需求增长向逐渐持平转变。 Since 2008, by means of th...

翻译的很累,望采纳~!希望可以帮到你,O(∩_∩)O谢谢! Culture-oriented English teaching mode This model is standing on the cultural height of the language as a cultural carrier, like or materialized table; intercultural communicat...

长期吃快餐会导致高血压,高血脂,高血糖等疾玻:Long term eating fast food can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and other diseases.

哪位高手请帮我吧 翻译: 哪位高手请帮我吧 Which high hand, please help me 重点词汇 高手ace; superior; past master; master-hand; proficient


我不可能做到让所有人都喜欢我,因为我并不是神 I am impossible to achieve let all people like me, because I am not the god

Production lineinstallation process(for reference) One,to eachM12*80mm adjustablefoot cupwithaM12 nut,is used to adjust theheight ofthe rear fastening. Two,install adjustablefoot cup:machine,end frame,dynamicframemounted on the...

Ms. Zeng Zaidi go to the market, her son cried to refuse to go along. His mother said to him: "You go home, I come to you slaughter a pig to eat." She just came back on the market, soon to catch Zengzi pig slaughterhouse. His w...

Excuse me, could you please show your room card first?


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