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observation by naked eye 賜 Observe with an unaided eye 參扉凛鉱賀

扉凛 [r┛u y┌n] naked eye unaided eye

扉凛辛需議 [簡灸] macroscopic; megascopic; macroscopical; [箭鞘]麿断窟崛牧志嵌睹杰票議聾醸。 They found a bacterium visible to the human eye

圻猟哉勃残樮弛珍虍ス朮譯肇湖鞭。勣岑祇高真扉凛頁音辛嬬心欺云嵎議叫廉議遇拝勣峡誼恂繁音嬬峪誚埃今勣恂倖減夭販議繁。 鍬咎People can only use the mind to observe, to feel. You know, rely on the naked eyecannot see the na...

With the help of especially equipment,you can see the grems which are invisible to human's eyes.

胆忽芦鯉帽扉凛釘電 哂猟American Angus naked eye steak

哂囂鍬咎頁 娼僉蟻塀扉凛釘電: selected German rib eye steak.


装姥傍此偉匍槌睹枹担嬬範誼竃哂俛椿拭渦棆挧毅此芦子湊寧倡。 ̄

恷嶷勣議叫廉頁喘扉凛心音需議。 ‐匯桑/叉斷撮恷 ‐寄俳な/砦慴議 ‐もの/唆廉 ‐需えない/鎖寛纂。

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