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During the festival, each family would light firecrackers and paste up Spring Festival couplets, and the relatives and friends would send New Year's greetings go each other to wish everything smoothly in the new year. 过年的时...

春联 1.Spring Festival couplets 2. New Year couplets 他把糨子刷在了春联的背面。 He put paste on the back of spring couplets

春联:spring festival couplets

Spring Festival couplets new year scroll

贴春联put up New Year scrolls 守岁 stay up to welcome the New Year 吃年夜饭 have the New Year's Eve dinner 看花灯 watch flower lanterns 拜年 pay a New Year visit (to sb.)

英语: In the Spring Festival, people like to set off fireworks and paste a pair of antithetical couplets on the front door。

write the spring festival scrolls

People the day before the Spring Festival couplets hanging lantern

1、放鞭炮:set off firecrackers 2、吃汤圆:eat dumplings 3、发红包: hand out red envelopes 4、贴春联:putting up the spring scrolls


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