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想问一首英文歌 很有节奏感 男声 只知道高潮大概是...

好像就叫wake up吧

1994年世界杯主题曲《We Will Rock You》至今仍是活力十足,被大量的体育甚至是政治场合所借用。据悉,这首《We Will Rock You》是乐队Queen最著名的单曲之一,发行于1978年。Queen的这首《We Will Rock You》自发行至今已经三十多年了,但仍旧...

你听听是不是 isitok 不知道你找的是不是这个???

电音的话可以听下是不是Naughty Boy和Sam Smith合作的La La La

歌曲: SHY LIKE AN ANGEL 歌手: New Romantique 专辑: 《荷东(东方好莱..》 复制歌词 下载LRC歌词 Nightwish-Wish I Had an Angel Nightwish-Wish I Had an Angel I wish I had an angel I wish I had an angel For one moment of love For on...

Oh! my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling, I love you! You are beautiful, so I love you, let me kiss you, my darling! 这是一首最直白的英文歌,适合刚学会ABC的人唱,但意义深长,值得回味!

1) Pussy Cat Dolls (或原唱:Jane Child) - Don't Wanna Fall In Love Ain't no personal thing boy but you have got to stay away far, far away from my heart, my heart don't you know what your kiss is doing let me tell it to you fro。

我觉得是Bailando, 我也找了这首歌很久, from Enrique Iglesias

Together Again Evanescence Never thought that I'd be leaving you today So alone and wondering why I feel this way So wide the world Can love remember How to get me home to you Someday We'll be together again All just a dream in...

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