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extreme ways:极端方式。 双语例句: 1、I want to say to you: I understand you, we adopted two kinds of extreme ways; 我想对你说:我明白你,我们采用了二种极端的方式; 2、Although Brezhnev rectified some extreme ways of Khrushche...

歌名:Extreme Ways 无尽之路 演唱:Moby Extreme ways are back again再次踏上这条无尽之路 Extreme places I didn't know朝向极端的未知远方 I broke ...

extreme ways are back again 再次踏上无尽之路 extreme places i didn't know 朝向生疏未知远方 I broke everything new again 一切重新来过 everything that i'd owned 我将我的一切 i threw it out the windows, came along 沿途抛向窗外 ext...

Summer Wine - ville valo & natalia avelon smooth - santana rolling in the deep

歌曲名:Extreme Ways 歌手:Moby 专辑:18 Moby - Extreme ways Extreme ways are back again Extreme places I didn‘t know I broke everything new again Everything that I‘d owned I threw it out the windows, came along Extreme ways I kno...


Extreme ways 好莱坞动作电影《谍影重重》三部曲的片尾曲 很多刘在石的背景音乐都用这个 谢谢采纳 希望能够帮到你

先是日文与读音 然后是中文 Labor Day Extreme Dream 君となら叶う気がする kimi to nara kanau ki ga suru 负ける気がしない It’s breaking through makeru ki ga shinai It’s breaking through 自信をなくして过ごした时それは Past…forget my。


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