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in thE DoorwAy

意思相近, in the doorway在门口,在门道里 at the door在门口

I stood in the doorway, watching my older brother carefully putting clothes into his bag. I coughted uneasily. Finally realizing that I was there,Rocky...

a figure in a blue dress apeared in the doorway 一个穿着蓝色裙子的身影出现在门口 . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

in the doorway可以翻译成在走廊里 at the entrance 翻译成在入口处 不知道问的是翻译的区别还是用法的区别呀?

in the doorway 在门口处

about to do sth: 马上就要做某事 going to do sth: 将要做某事;打算做某事 句子意思: 当她正要离开的时候,我在走廊里遇见了她。 选A, about to ,因为going to 没有马上的意思

歌曲名:standing in the doorway 歌手:Soul Asylum 专辑:hang time Standing in the doorway, wondering if it's safe to go outside Wondering if I'll come back, wondering if I might just drift out with the rising tide Sitting and wait...

in case of adv.假设, 万一For Use Only in Case of Fire 灭火专用Sandbag the doorway in case of flooding 在门口堆上沙袋以防洪水Depress this button in case of fire. 如遇火警请按下这个按钮。 the case of adv.在...的情况In the ca...

the day you went away 的歌词嘛 你拿着手提箱站在门口

I had to stop for the night 必须停寻找夜 There she stood in the doorway; 站门廊I heard the mission bell 布道钟声我耳边响And I was thinking to ...

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