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make one's way 英 [ meik wʌnz wei ] 美 [ mek wʌnz we ] 走,行走,前进 发迹 1 .I made my way towards the harbor. 我朝港口的方向走。 2 One way to do that is to make clear the player's point of view. 一种方式便是提供给玩...

on one`s way to和make one's way两个短语的意思,用法都不一样,on one`s way to是介词短语,在句中作状语。make one's way在句中作谓语。具体分析如下: on one's way to:往…去的路上。 例句: He is on his way to his school. 他在上学的...

make one's way into 进入 双语对照 词典结果: make one's way into 打进; 例句: 1. How it found its way into one of the nation's premier science journals is hard to fathom. 我们很难了解它缘何能发表在全国最重要的科学期刊上。 2. It ...

]on one's way to doing sth.接近做某事onone's way to do sth.在做某事的路上

make one's way 艰难前行;跋涉 e.g.They were making their way for their destination, through the jungle. get one's way.执意地按自己的方式行事;不达到目的不罢休 e.g.Two-year-olds often scream until they get their way.

后面如果是接动词,一般是动词的分词形式,如:make one's way walking... 当然也可以接动词不定式,如:make one's way to go ......

是on one‘s way to..的句型吧 望采纳

make one's way (to/towards sth) 走; 行走; 前进: 例句: I'll make my way home now. 我现在要回家了。 make one's way (ie succeed) in life 在生活中有所成就

make one's way 向前 take one's way 中的one's一般都是明确的词比如my,her,his,your等 一般都翻译成:出发 也有这个词组take one's way to 翻译成:向...走去

He stands up and makes his way toward the door. 过去式为:He stood up and made his way toward the door.

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