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how boring the movie it is 1

单词movie和show的区别 一、movie [英][ˈmu:vi][美][ˈmuvi] n.电影; 电影院; 电影业; 复数:movies 例句: 1.Once a week we see a movie. 我们每周去看一场电影。 2.She has a movie rental card? 她有一张影碟租借卡? 二、show [英...

film movie 电影

gotothecinema同义词:see a movie go to the cinema 去看电影 [网络短语] go to the cinema 去看电影,看电影,去电影院 Saturday go to the cinema 星期六去电影院 go to the wrong cinema 走错了电影院 see a movie v. 看电影 [网络短语] see a...

应该填such an。这里只要记住两个词的相互转换形式即可。so+ adj. +a/an + n.等于such + a/an + adj. + n.。

how do you like the movie? he is too young for he to dress himself i will always try to learn my subject well why is your friend late for school? when do you decide to do at last?

what do you think of the movie last night

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