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户外的 在露天 出的门 在户外短语out of the door 在门外rush out of door 用力冲出门去Adequate out of door 足不出门

指定一个门的话就是out of the door。out of door无实际意义。out the door语法有误。另“户外”是outdoor, 一个词

都对, 就看你再句子怎麽用 给你例子 he put the rubbish outside the door he rushes out of the door the outside of the door is facing outside, and the inside of the door is facing the living room out the door he chased after the t...

go out of the front door go out of...从。。。走出去 ========如有疑问,马上追问!祝学习进步========

go out the front door不对, go out of the front door是对的。 go out表示出去,动词加副词构成的短语,后加介词of之后才能接名词作介词宾语。 希望有帮助!

look out of the door look out of 是往什么外看的意思 所以往窗外看应用look out of the window

思酌一下,意见如下: 1. When poverty comes in at the window, love flies out of the door. 没有面包就没有爱情/贫穷夫妻百事哀. 也有翻译成:贫困进门来,爱情飞窗外。 【直译】 2. All is fair in love and war. 爱情与战争之前,人人平等...


run out of the door 从门跑出来 双语例句 1 The second Marla opens the screen door, Tyler is gone, vanished, run out of the room, disappeared. 就在马拉拉开纱门的那一秒,泰勒走了,突然不见了,从房间里跑了出去,消失了。


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